Saturday, June 23, 2012


Vocaroo is a simple website that allows you to record and send audio message via the internet. The best part of this site is there is no sign up required and it's free. You simply click on the record button and if you're satisfied with your message you share it a few different ways. They provide a web link, an email option, download options, embeding code, or if you have Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. you can share it directly by giving your account information and it will link to your social networking site. They also provide a QR code link which could be a fun way to use this site with your students. (More to come on that:) I can definitely see myself and my students using this site for creating quick audio files.

Online recording software >>


  1. This seems to be very easy. I have used Podomatic, which does require a signin. One thing that Podomatic did that you didn't do with this is that it was able to embed the podcast into the blog. Your link takes you to the Vocaroo site. I wonder if Vocaroo can embed directly into Blogger so the click just plays the audio.

    1. I see that Vocaroo does have an Embed button that gives embed code. You should try embedding the Vocaroo into the blog post so it doesn't go away from the blog.