Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tube Chop

Hi everyone! I found a great web2.0 tool that may be especially useful for teachers in schools with tight security who block websites like YouTube because they fear their students will use it improperly. The site is called Tube Chop and it's a very simple to use application that searches preexisting YouTube videos and then allows you to "chop" or edit the video to the exact length you need. After locating and chopping the video, it gives you the code to embed the video on your blog or on your social networking site and the direct link to the video. I found a 9 minute and 48 second video from the Khan Academy on adding and subtracting fractions which I chopped down to 1 minute and 31 seconds to use as an introductory video for teaching the concept. I have not had the chance to see if my district blocks Tube Chop like they block YouTube but it’s worth a try!


  1. I wonder if the Tube Chop video is still hosted on the other site or if it is on Tube Chop itself. That is, if you edit a YouTube video, it might still block it, but if you edit a Khan Academy video, it might not. If it actually puts the video onto Tube Chop, then your school would either block all videos or none.

    As I suggested in the comment to another blog, Firefox Download Helper can be used to download YouTube (and other) videos to your computer so you can play them at school without being blocked.

    1. I forgot. Khan Academy hosts their videos on YouTube so they would still be blocked if Tube Chop doesn't host their chopped videos.