Thursday, June 21, 2012

Educational Uses of Tube Chop

Have you ever found a great clip on YouTube that fits perfectly with your curriculum but realize that it's part of a really long video and all you really want to show is that one section? As a teacher, this is where Tube Chop can be very useful to you. You can edit any portion of a video, put the link on your class webpage or blog, and assign it to your students for homework or view it together in class as part of your lesson. In my opinion, a short meaningful clip can be much more powerful than a full length video. Another innovative way to use this tool would be to assign your students a YouTube search for a 30 second clip on a particular topic you are teaching about in class. The students would be responsible for finding a clip, using Tube Chop to edit it to 30 seconds and posting it onto a class blog. The students could then view and comment on each other's clips and debate about how their videos relate to the assigned topic.

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