Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ipopetz.tv is a fun web2.0 site that allows users to create and share mini 3-D cartoons using the ipopetz.tv website or their app on an iPad or iPod Touch. The site is very user-friendly and only requires an account if you want to save your cartoon (which is free and beneficial if you want to use in your classroom and view your student's work). There are many characters to choose from and each one has their own unique backgrounds and movements. Once you choose your character and background it's time to record. The application records your voice as if it were coming out of the 3-D characters' mouth which in my opinion would thrill many students.  The site's biggest drawback is it only allows you to record a 15 second video clip. Another similar site for the iPad and iPod Touch is Puppet Pals which is less interactive but allows you to record for longer periods of time.  This web2.0 site is simple to operate and free to use so if you're looking for something fun for your students, give ipopetz.tv a try!

(I couldn't embed the video I created into this blog, but if you click on the link above it will take you to the site and my video should be near the top on the right hand side entitled "iPopetz.tv Intro" from wemlet)


  1. Wes, that is so cool! I can see the younger kids having a great time with it!

  2. Wes, I could really see how you could use this, as you mentioned, for short summaries for literature - whether a whole story, chapter, book, poem, or essays.

    You're right; it would be a motivational tool with students.

    Lastly, I would use it for students to make introductions to a book, for example, and then have them blog about each chapter.

  3. Thanks Patty and Ibby for your comments! Ibby, I love the idea of using iPopetz.tv for quick introductions to literature. I mentioned using this for summaries but I'm not sure if 15 seconds is enough time for my younger students. I think third graders may get distracted by its fun features and forget about the actual purpose which is the content.

  4. Wes, I love your use of iPopetz.tv, it was very entertaining and I can see how elementary students would be excited to use this technology. I think that any grade level student could use this to introduce themselves to the class. It would show a little of their personality and would be a great way to start off the semester.